Friday, December 8, 2006

50 Percent Of Road Rage Victims Become Victimizers Themselves

MERIDIAN, Conn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Road rage is the gift that keeps on giving if a new survey is correct.

According to research by Respond Insurance, 50 percent of drivers who are cut off, tailgated or cursed by another driver end up doing the same to others.

Thirty-four percent of the road rage sufferers express their aggression by honking their horn while 27 percent yell and scream like a banshee.

  • 19 percent give the other driver the middle finger.

  • 17 percent flash their headlights at the offending auto.

  • 7 percent mimic the other driver’s annoying behavior.

  • Finally, 2 percent admit they try to run other drivers off the road.

    Here’s the most shocking stat: 59 percent of road ragers have children at the time of their driven behavior.

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