Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sober Ghosts Mess With Tipsy Bar Patrons In Berwyn, Illinois

BERWYN, Ill. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Customers at a bar in Berwyn, Illinois, are seeing more than pink elephants when they drink – they’re seeing dead people.

That’s the word from bar owner Ronnie Lottz who says his Cigars And Stripes watering hole has been haunted by three mischievous ghosts for several years.

Lottz says the ghosts don’t drink but do like to mess with patrons by sliding their keys down the bar and flipping martini shakers. They also like to make “shadow appearances” on the walls and hang out by the bathroom.

Lottz says two of the ghosts are spirits of people who died in the building – one’s a cop who died back in 1981 and another is an older woman who died of natural causes.

The third ghost is called “The Rose” and likes to freak out patrons by sitting in a special seat at the bar.

It’s not just the customers that are getting spooked, Lottz says one of the female ghosts likes to tip over the bouncer’s beer and make people think that he’s drunk.

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