Friday, September 15, 2006

British Jamaican Seer Warns Lazy White House Of Threat To President

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Los Angeles seer who is known for his odd celebrity visions can’t see why White House officials are ignoring his latest prediction.

His name is Dr. Ernesto A. Moshe Montgomery and he’s known for owning a shrine dedicated to a painting of actress Shirley McClaine that weeps real tears.

Now Montgomery is crying himself because of a recent vision that George W. Bush is about to have an attack on his life.

Montgomery – who supposedly served in a “Psychic Division of British Intelligence” during World War II – says he’s “been warning the White House” repeatedly, to no avail.

In his words: “They’re so slow over there; by the time they listen, it will be too late, again.”

But Montgomery doesn’t want to deliver just bad news to “Dubya.” He also wants the Prez to know that Hillary Clinton will NOT succeed Bush in 2008.

As Montgomery puts it: “Americans will still not be ready to elect a woman president – no matter what their lips say about it.”

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