Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You Wont Be Hearing The Sounds Of Le Tigre At New Hair Salon

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Don’t expect to hear the sounds of rock group Le Tigre at a new New York hair salon – that is if frontwoman Johanna Fateman has anything to say about it.

The singer recently took over the Seagull salon and while Fateman admits music is an integral part of the salon-going experience she says she has no plans to subject clients to her own tunes.

The reason? Fateman doesn’t like listening to her own voice and admits she still gets thrown off when she hears a Le Tigre song in public.

Says Fateman: “It’s strange – It’s familiar but I can’t always place it right away.”

Instead, she’s leaving the musical selection to her stylists who “mainly come from places that only played Madonna or easy listening stations all day.”

As she puts it, “It’s very iPod based – I’m not interested in everyone conforming to the higher ups type of music.”

The buck does stop, however, at “noise music” which Fateman classifies as anything with “really fast drums and bass” because it’s “not good for a salon environment.”

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