Monday, August 21, 2006

No ****: Charlie Murphy Pimps Flava Flav As Sexiest Man Of The Year

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Comedic actor Charlie Murphy is serious.

He says he’s beginning his boycott now “if GQ magazine doesn’t name Flava Flav its Sexiest Man Of The Year.”

Murphy is best known as superstar Eddie’s brother and for his appearances on Chappelle’s Show, but he’s most concerned that the Flavor Of Love star gets his due respect.

He says that “everyone knows Flava Flav ain’t the prettiest man, but getting a woman to s on herself to be with you is groundbreaking, pioneering television.”

He adds: “Not that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and all these guys ain’t sexy, but damn: sing herself to be with Flav? He’s hands down gotta win, man.”

Besides rooting for Flava, Murphy is focusing on his current stand-up tour, various movie roles and his upcoming Comedy Central reality show, Charlie Vs. Donnell, which reunites him with fellow Chappelle’s Show alum Donnel Rawlings.

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