Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Singing Gynecologist Goes From Pap To Pop

NEWTON, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A singing gynecologist is going from doing Pap smears to performing pop music.

Dr. Machelle Seibel has been writing and recording medically- related rock songs for the past three decades, in hopes of educating the general public about various medical issues.

Seibel’s songs are dedicated to colonostopies, obesity and acne and can be downloaded at healthrock.com.

One song, “Grow Old Gracefully,” discusses how cosmetic surgery has changed peoples’ values and has lyrics like, The important goal didn’t used to be/ Gettin’ carded at age 53/ We learned to grow old gracefully.

Seibel gets some of his ideas in the strangest places. For instance, he was inspired to write a tune about colonostopies when he was “laying on the table” actually having the procedure done.

And while Seibel still maintains his OB/GYN practice, he says he never gets a song idea while doing a Pap smear, preferring to concentrate on his patient, not his music.

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