Friday, April 7, 2006

Mom Let’s Loose In New Reality Show, ‘Back On Campus’

PHILADELPHIA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A mother in Pennsylvania who missed out on keggers and panty raids the first time around is getting a second chance to experience college life thanks to a new reality show.

Charlene Ciccarone and her daughter Julie recently spent a month together living in a dorm room at Drexel University in Philadelphia for Back on Campus.

Although the prospect of living with Mom might drive some students crazy, Ciccarone insists she and her daughter got along great.

Even better: the 47-year-old MILF had the time of her life, especially the night when some of the students gave her Jell-O shots and beer.

As she puts it, “I never drink beer - I was drunk and kept saying ‘I’ve been here a long time but its been a good time.”’

But while Ciccarone enjoyed the party hearty lifestyle, she has no plans of continuing her higher education because, she admits, “students drink too much for me – I can’t handle all the drinking and late nights.”

Back On Campus debuts April 8 on the ABC Family Channel.

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