Thursday, February 23, 2006

Finnish Artist Airs Her Laundry In New York

HELSINKI, Finland (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – For one Finnish artist, nothing says family like old pants, shoes and toilet paper.

Now that her parents have passed on, Helsinki-based Kaarina Kaikkonen calls her solo exhibition at New York’s Remy Toledo Gallery, “a family portrait in a way.”

She says an art piece called “Well Controlled” featuring three pant seats enclosed in frames reminds her of her father and “how you have to hide your inner feelings.”

Some wall-mounted high heels that have been snipped and morphed into bug and flower shapes are representative of Kaikkonen’s mother, who had “two sides.”

Long strips of toilet paper strung between two large slats of wood may seem like just an architectural feat, but Kaikkonen reveals, “This is a symbol of myself. It’s not made to be there forever and it can break easily if you want.”

Maybe not that easily. Kaikonnen says there was no breakage when setting up the piece and it’s probably due to the sturdy TP she brought from Finland.

She admits, “This is my favorite toilet paper.”

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