Monday, January 16, 2006

Pepperoni Eaters Are Argumentative Procrastinators

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It might be hard to stomach but your choice of pizza toppings can give a taste of your personality traits.

That’s according to the Chicago-based Smell & Taste Treatment And Research Foundation which recently conducted a pizza topping survey for Domino’s Pizza.

The findings were anything but cheesy.

For instance, the study suggests that people who like pepperoni on their pizzas tend to be argumentative procrastinators.

That’s not all: Folks who like multiple meat toppings on their pies are novelty-seeking extroverts who insist on being the center of attention, while veggie pizza lovers are trustworthy and loyal.

Finally, people who prefer pineapple and onion pizzas are likely to be aggressive and achievement-oriented but get impatient with fools.

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