Thursday, January 5, 2006

Inventor Encourages People To Go Sideways – On A Bicycle

DUBLIN, Ireland (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An Irish inventor practices forward thinking by riding around on a “Sideways Bicycle.”

Michael Killian is the inventor of the Sideways Bicycle, a contraption that allows him to ride “side saddle” while peddling forward and using each hand to steer the front and back of the bike.

He jokes, “People are fed up with going forward. Go sideways!”

Killian began building and experimenting with the Sideways Bicycle in 2003. He admits, “The first version of the bike nearly killed me,” but says the current model is “quite safe” and that he hasn’t fallen off it in a couple years.

The Irish inventor insists, “I didn’t sit down and say ‘There’s a market for a sideways bike.’ In my mind, I was trying to make it work.”

However, after seeing so many people light up when watching him ride around cities like Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam and Boston, Killian says he’d like to get the Sideways Bike into production.

He adds, “Anyone who’s ever ridden a skateboard or snowboard would be able to ride it right away.”

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