Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Alien Band Plays To Make Other Groups Look Silly

DETROIT (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A lot of rock groups make music in order to make money or to meet girls but the Detroit-based surf punk band, The Amino Acids, have a spacier purpose: To make other bands look silly.

If that isn’t alienating enough, get this: All four members claim to be aliens from other planets, but not all are from the same one.

Drummer “Senator Thompson Speck” claims he and guitarist “Reverend Angry Larry” are from the “Krayon 7 galaxy” while theremin player “Ambassador Chuck Bronson” is from “Jurtnet 2.”

The galactic group plays only instrumentals and have been known to throw TV sets around while watching other acts rock out on stage.

Despite that, the band members still keep to themselves.

As Speck admits, “Our prime directive is restrict communication with humans. You can’t trust them to get the message.”

The Amino Acids are promoting a new CD, Destroy the Warming Sun, and aren’t worried about attracting human fans, especially women, to the shows.

Speck says other bands get plagued with groupies, but it’s not a problem for them because, “We get a lot of dorks. It’s not a very sexy show.”

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