Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Abstract Painter Brushes Up Stand-Up Career

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Abstract art doesn’t always paint a pretty picture and neither does stand-up comedy.

So maybe it’s no joke that comedienne Natalie Gray has found success in both fields.

Gray bills herself as the world’s only abstract expressionist stand-up comedienne and has appeared in both museums and comedy clubs around the world.

Handling a paintbrush may be different than holding a microphone but Gray sees similarities in both art forms because “you’re dealing from the gut, not the head.”

Also, she says both comedy and painting have one foot in reality and the other in surrealism and are mechanisms for dealing with emotional pain.

Gray doesn’t paint while doing standup or tell jokes while painting but found a way to combine her talents by designing a line of shoes for Playboy based on the famous bunny ears.

Still, that job wasn’t a laughing matter. In her words, “I wanted the shoes to have funny names like, The Night He Never Showed Up, but the manufacturers would say, ‘That’s too long. How about if we call them Liz instead?’”

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