Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Ann Travolta Laughing All The Way To The Sperm Bank

WEST HILLS, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ann Travolta – older sister of John Travolta – is smiling about her recent turn as a nurse on General Hospital, but what really makes her grin is her previous “bank” job.

Travolta admits the acting business is “always iffy” and says years ago to pay the bills she worked as a temp at a sperm bank.

She recalls her mother being so proud until she told her, “Mom, it’s not the kind of bank you’re thinking. There’s no money involved.”

Though it was only a two-day temping gig, Travolta says she felt a lot of responsibility wearing the white lab coat and even had an upsetting dream that she put the wrong label on a vile.

Through all her acting and non-acting experiences, Travolta is sure about one thing: She doesn’t want a job in the medical community.

In her words, “I don’t think I’d have the stomach for it.”

However, when having an emergency C-section years ago, she jokes, “Too bad I wasn’t a nurse then.”

Travolta will appear on General Hospital Oct. 25 on ABC.

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