Friday, September 30, 2005

Filmmakers Twist Truck Into Tornado Vehicle

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Trying to drive a truck into a tornado is a twisted idea but that’s what a group of filmmakers is willing to do for art.

Marcus Gutierrez and Sean Casey are currently working on an IMAX documentary about tornadoes and have spent many hours driving through the midwest looking for twisters worthy of being filmed.

When one is found, they drive their car inside the storms to film things like swirling trees and even oil barrels above them.

It’s not as twisted as it sounds.

Gutierrez and Casey film the storms inside something called a “Tornado Intercept Vehicle,” which is a Ford truck that’s been modified with a steel hull, five rollbars, racing seats, bulletproof glass and a turret.

Although the duo have hours of footage, they aren’t stopping there. They’re looking for sponsorships in order to build another vehicle because, as Gutierrez puts it, “tornadoes are like women. Every one is different. Some are like drill presses and others are like snow cones.”

If all goes well, the duo’s movie, tentatively titled Tornado Alley, will debut next year.

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