Thursday, July 14, 2005

Cloning The Solution To Terrorist Attacks

MONTREAL (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The solution to preventing future terrorist attacks like the ones last week in London may be human cloning.

At least that’s according to the leader of a UFO cult called the Raelians – the group that supposedly sponsored the birth of the first cloned human child back in 2002.

The leader – who is known as Rael – claims scientists are on the verge of being able to clone adults and keep all their memories, personality traits and life experiences intact.

When this happens, Rael says the new technology will be used to catch terrorists by cloning the deceased victims so they can identify their killers and testify against them in trial.

Also, suicide bombers could be cloned and forced to stand trial for their crimes.

Rael concedes more research needs to be done before cloning can prevent terrorism and says the first step is creating a genetic database that allows people to download their personality traits onto their personal computer.

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