Friday, June 10, 2005

Ketchup Is A Traveler’s Best Friend

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Animal Planet adventurer Jeff Corwin has spent a lot of time traveling and has learned two things in the process: Always limit your luggage to carry-on and never forget to bring a bottle of ketchup.

Corwin claims all a traveler really needs is a plastic bag for toiletries; a pair of running shoes and – most important – a bottle of ketchup.

As he puts it, “You can look down at a plate of something that looks quite inedible and cover it with luscious, glowing, ruby-red, sweet ketchup and it’s delicious. Ketchup can save the meal.”

But while Corwin is a minimalist traveler, he doesn’t deny himself modern-day pleasures. When on assignment, he brings a laptop computer and up to 60 movies so that when “everyone else is looking at moths caught in their tents, I’m watching Scarface.”

Corwin’s latest series, Corwin’s Quest, debuts Wednesday (Jun. 15) on Animal Planet.

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