Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Manitoba Bigfoot Makes TV Debut Tomorrow (May 4)

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Tomorrow (May 4) will be a big day for Bigfoot thanks to newly-shot film footage of the hairy creature taken by a ferry man in Norway House, Manitoba.

The film footage is debuting on A Current Affair and was taken by a ferry man named Bobby Clark, who managed to record two minutes and 45 seconds worth of tape showing a supposed Sasquatch walking on the shore of a river bank in a remote part of the Cree Indian nation.

A Current Affair producer Brett Hudson admits he was initially skeptical but says after viewing the “Bigfootage” he’s convinced “there’s no way that’s a human being.”

Hudson says the creature in question is nearly 10-feet high, with arms that go past the knees. He doubts that someone is pulling a hoax because the sighting took place in an area “so remote there’s no place to buy anything to make a fake costume” and says the ground where the creature was spotted is too soggy for stilts.

Although the new footage will probably raise more questions than answers, Hudson hopes it convinces someone to finance a more detailed expedition of the area.

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