Thursday, April 21, 2005

Woman Offers Service Of Talking Mascot To Companies

MARLOW, Okla. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A talking mascot is unusual, but that’s what you’ll get with an Oklahoma woman who is willing to wear a costume hawking a product or company.

Tina Womack is auctioning off herself for three days on eBay to chat it up with people on the street while wearing a costume of the winning bidder’s choice.

Her goal is to get roughly $2,000 from the auction to pay the court costs for her husband to adopt her son from a previous relationship.

Womack says she has already been asked by interested companies to wear a pickle, tennis shoe, can of motor oil, and diaper bag. She’s even gotten an inquiry from a casino who wants her to be a talking casino chip.

Still, she says she won’t wear anything that’s vulgar or “something I’m morally opposed to.”

Womack plans on stitching up the costume herself after the bid ends tomorrow (Apr. 22) and is “very worried” that she might melt in the suffocating getup.

Although she admits she’ll have sore feet and sweat out a river, Womack says “As long as I can get the money for my husband to adopt my son. It’s all worth it.”

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