Wednesday, April 20, 2005

T-Shirts Covered In Poop Smell Like Roses To Creators

KAILUA, Hawaii (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Marketing a T-shirt covered in manure seems like a crappy idea, but a pair of siblings are smelling a lot of money with the nose-pinching apparel.

Sonny Froman and Patti Froman Maine came up with the idea of staining T-shirts with cow manure last summer after reminiscing about helping their parents out with farm chores – which included spreading manure over their farm’s fields.

Now, the pair have received hundreds of orders on their website,, for the $18 shirts, which are hand dipped in manure and put through a washing machine where the stains are dyed with various colors.

Brother Sonny insists the doo-dipped shirts don’t stink and admits they “occasionally turn someone off,” but overall, he’s received a positive reaction – particularly with farmers who see them as “a badge of honor.”

Sonny hopes to get the poopy apparel into major stores soon.

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