Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It Takes A Fine Physique To Play C-3PO

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – British actor Anthony Daniels has hidden his body inside a golden suit to play android C-3PO in all six of the Star Wars movies – but if you took a peek underneath the metal, you’d see a pretty fine physique.

You see, Daniels works out daily for at least an hour and says the muscle-building is crucial to playing the robotic butler.

As he puts it, “Not only do I have to stay slim in order to fit in the costume after all these years, but also to be strong enough to stand there wearing 60 pounds of metal and plastic.”

He says the rigors of the metal suit can be “quite grueling” so if he doesn’t pump iron daily, he’ll suffer.

One obstacle to Daniels’ fitness, however, is his sweet tooth. He admits he’s a candy addict who recently gobbled M&Ms during a Star Wars-themed event to launch new, dark chocolate M&Ms.

However, there was never any candy in that galaxy far, far away, and Daniels thinks that might have been what caused the denizens of Star Wars so much strife.

He jokes, “I think people didn’t have sugar in those days, which might be why they had so much grief and strife. Maybe that’s why the Emperor is so grumpy!”

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