Thursday, March 24, 2005

Political Porn Star Set For Safe Sex Tour

LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The porn actress who campaigned to be California’s governor a few years back is now trying to make the U.S. a “condom nation.”

On Saturday (Mar. 26), Mary Carey will start a nationwide tour of 50 cities to promote safe sex among college students.

Part of her tour will involve lecturing to the students but she admits she will also appear at night clubs “telling everyone to get drunk but not be stupid and have sex without a condom.”

Carey will offer free rubbers to the males and will try to offer motherly advice to the gals, such as, “Some guys will try and be slick and say they don’t have a condom, so carry a few in your purse.”

She’ll also demonstrate how to apply a contraceptive onto a sex organ using only the mouth.

But it may be hard for Carey to practice what she preaches. She admits she doesn’t like sex with condoms, preferring what she describes as “the raw feeling of a naked sex organ.”

Carey is looking forward to traveling across America, but she admits there’s another reason for the nationwide tour. She is on a mission to have sex with at least one player from every NBA team and claims she already has 10 notches on her bed post.

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