Wednesday, March 2, 2005

What Kind Of Wine Goes With Rattlesnake?

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Most people know enough to match seafood with white wine and that steak goes with red, but what should you drink when you’re munching on rattlesnake?

That’s the question the members of the Explorers Club, an organization of science professionals, have been asking with a series of events across the country called A Taste Of Adventure.

The latest event takes place tonight (March 2) in Los Angeles and features wines paired with snake, scorpions and crickets.

The task of wine match-ups falls to Cal Dennison of Redwood Creek wineries, who says crickets go best with pinot noir; scorpions suit a sauvignon blanc; and chardonnay is best when matched with snakes.

Richard Wiese, who is president of the Explorers Club, admits bugs and reptiles aren’t the first choice of foods for wine but figures that could change since, as he points out, “Ten years ago, sushi wasn’t for the squeamish.”

All this weird eating may bug you, but Wiese figures a person with passion for strange foods is also a person with a passion for life.

But passion has its limits. Wiese knows a woman who recently chowed down on deep fried tarantulas and had a numb tongue the rest of the day.

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