Friday, February 11, 2005

Pet Expert Doggedly Takes Care Of Martha Stewart’s Pets

OCEANSIDE, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Martha Stewart may soon be looking for an apprentice but, luckily, she doesn’t need anyone to look after her pets.

That job falls on pet expert Marc Morrone, who hosts the syndicated series, Petkeeping With Marc Morrone, which is produced by Stewart’s production company.

Besides filming the show, Morrone has also spent the last few months watching Stewart’s seven dogs and cats while she serves a prison term for insider trading.

It might sound like Stewart is dogging Morrone with extra work, but he doesn’t mind helping out his friend.

In addition, he says Stewart’s pets get some of the best care he has ever seen.

Morrone has also received some fringe benefits from the process. He likes to feature one of Stewart’s prize pooches on his own show because “it has a big wide mouth when it smiles.”

But taking care of Stewart’s pets isn’t the only big thing on Morrone’s docket. He’s currently promoting February as “National Pet Dental Care Month” because, as he points out, “When people are shut in during the winter, they tend to notice if their dog or cat has bad breath or is drooling.”

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