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Englishman Predicts Winning Horses

Psychic Dean can predict winning horses.

Psychic Dean can predict winning horses.

Friday, April 2, 2010 17:19 GMT

NEWCASTLE, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – England’s Grand National horse race begins next week, but one man already knows the outcome.

For several years psychic Dean “Midas” Maynard has accurately predicted which horses will win the race.

His picks are so spot-on, bookies and other gamblers turn to him before wagering.

Maynard picks his ponies based on whatever he’s drawn to. He once chose a horse in honor of a comedian he likes.

This year, he thinks a stallion named “Snowy Morning” will win because England has had a particularly harsh winter.

Just having Maynard’s support should be enough to boost his horses to victory, but a little stroking wouldn’t hurt.

He claims to have a magic “Midas” touch that brings luck to whoever he caresses. If he could pet or sit on the horses, their odds may improve.

The Grand National isn’t Maynard’s first rodeo. As a child he once bet on an old, weak horse that won in a monumental upset.