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`Russian Dog Wizard' Has Power Over Pups

Vladae with three eager students

Vladae with three eager students

Monday, March 22, 2010 17:32 GMT

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A man known as the “Russian Dog Wizard” commands respect from even the toughest bitches.

Vladae Roytapel has an innate ability to communicate with dogs using something called “doglish.”

The trainer says his “magic power” over pooches comes from being assertive and letting the dog know who’s boss.

This requires the right sounds, gestures, and body language.

For instance, to tell a pup “no” he makes the noise “ahht” instead while thrusting his body forward and keeping eye contact.

He then freezes, which shows the dog he “means business” and implies “I may bite YOU.”

The Russian Dog Wizard believes pets – especially American dogs – are so badly behaved because humans don’t discipline them enough, letting them rule the roost.

To begin the training process, he suggests owners use the “Pet Convincer,” a small device he created that releases air and sound to grab a pup’s attention.

Roytapel says his methods also work on humans.