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Boomwhackers Make Beautiful Music

Boomwhacker Orchestra beats out the beat

Boomwhacker Orchestra beats out the beat

Thursday, March 11, 2010 17:19 GMT

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The booming sound of boomwhackers can be music to one’s ears.

Boomwhackers, the hollow plastic tubes often seen at sporting events, are stepping out of the stadium and into concert halls thanks to The Boomwhacker Orchestra.

The orchestra is made up of music students from the University of Toronto who perform booming renditions of songs like “Under The Sea” from The Little Mermaid, a- ha’s “Take On Me,” and “Blister In The Sun” by The Violent Femmes.

Founder Will Snodgrass assures that although they’re mere plastic tubes, boomwhackers make “beautiful, complicated music.”

A scale of different notes can be hit depending on the length of the tubes.

Still, some snobs don’t consider them real instruments even though the orchestra has played at symphony halls.

Snodgrass and his friends are constantly looking for a musical challenge. Currently, it’s playing the iconic theme from Super Mario Bros, which the orchestra is still trying to master.