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Certificate Proves You're A Virgin

Monday, February 22, 2010 17:12 GMT

MONTREAL (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Not many people are virgins these days, so hard proof may be necessary.

For those proudly clinging to their purity, or wishing they could have it back, “Certified Virgin” certificates are paper proof that a person’s cherry hasn’t been popped.

The novelty documents are a call for self-preservation according to co-creator “David,” with proceeds going to AIDS research.

He believes kids are growing up way too fast and hopes they use the certificate as an incentive to “take it easy” and not rush into getting busy.

Actual virgins could even use one to confirm they haven’t been deflowered, even though it’s not “real proof.” That would require a doctor’s assistance.

David is glad to raise money for a good cause and at the same time give his social commentary in a fun way that “doesn’t beat someone over the head.”