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Tupac Gets Killed -- Again

Monday, February 8, 2010 17:23 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A dead ringer for Tupac Shakur recently had the task of being “killed” exactly like the rapper.

Actor Josh Harraway looks just like Tupac – from his height, weight, and face down to the piercings and “Thug Life” tattoos.

He was hired to re-enact the rapper’s death for the show Famous Crime Scene, airing Friday (Feb. 12) on VH1.

Harraway was shot at while cruising the streets of Las Vegas with a Suge Knight look-alike.

He was then examined on a coroner’s table, had his fake guts taken out, and was zipped into a body bag.

The experience brought him closer to his doppelganger and gave him new theories on what really happened during the mysterious murder.

Harraway thinks Suge Knight used Tupac as a human “shield” during the drive-by shooting, but didn’t necessarily plan the murder.

Had Tupac not moved a certain way in the car, Suge would’ve been dead.