Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Names Determine Good And Bad Kissers

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – What’s in a name? The difference between a great and awful New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) kiss.

According to Kerri Hopkins, who analyzes personalities based on people’s names, certain monikers make good and bad kissers.

Hopkins says women whose names end in an “i” like Jenni, Jodi, or Heidi are total party girls who are game to kiss anyone come midnight on New Year’s Eve.

A Jeff, Jason, Dylan, or Damien is also confident and bold, up for ringing in the new year by swapping spit with a stranger.

Ethnic names that end in an “o” like Romeo or Ronaldo make incredibly passionate kissers, while a Scott, Kyle, or Kevin prefer a quick peck with no strings attached.

Jamals, Pats, Petes, and Pauls can be sloppy, overbearing smoochers, while those who go by their full names like Jennifer, Elizabeth, or Charles are less approachable and may be prudes about puckering up.

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