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Tiger Woods Cursed By Black Tiger

Mysterious Black Tiger Curse Behind Woods Scandal?

Mysterious Black Tiger Curse Behind Woods Scandal?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 10:01 GMT (

Tiger Woods’ scandal can be linked to a curse placed on him more than five years ago.

In 2004, psychic researcher Dr. James Capers told FlashNews that the golfer had fallen victim to “The Curse Of The Black Tiger.”

The curse is caused when a powerful man, like Woods, chooses a bride, like Elin Nordegren, who’s “unequally yoked.”

When a couple isn’t on the same level – spiritually, professionally, and mentally – Caper says the curse takes its toll.

In Woods’ case, it caused him to lose concentration and cheat on his wife.

Capers believes the Curse Of The Black Tiger began the minute Woods’ got married. Lust and the mistresses soon followed.

The curse eventually transforms “great men into henpeck losers” who have low self-esteem and never recover.

However, Capers says the spell is breakable, as long as Tiger seeks professional help, comes clean about everything to his wife, gains forgiveness, and makes a contribution to the poor.