Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Women Get Worst Hangovers

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Women suffer worse hangovers than men, so the fairer sex should have their own remedy.

Sober Up! is a hangover cure targeted specifically for women.

The pink and purple package comes with cranberry-flavored effervescent tablets meant to soothe a wicked hangover.

Co-creator Dr. John Walters says the formula helps settle one’s stomach, fight fatigue, and curb headaches after a night of drinking.

And gals could really use the help.

Walters says women get more frequent and worse hangovers than men due to their smaller size, higher water content, and smaller liver. It takes women’s bodies longer to flush out the booze.

For best results, Walters suggests taking Sober Up! right before bed. It should start working within 20 minutes.

Walters says women should stock up on the tablets now since research shows that gals drink seven times more during the months of January and February.

They may be unwinding from the hectic holidays.

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