Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coconut Oil Fends Off Swine Flu

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – To keep that pesky H1N1 virus at bay this flu season, reach for coconut oil.

According to Tosca Reno, creator of the Eat-Clean Diet, coconut oil is a “superior” secret weapon against swine flu.

Its antiviral, potent properties protect and boost the immune system, and Reno says a couple teaspoons a day can work wonders.

The best part is, it can be consumed in various ways.

Reno recommends throwing coconut oil into a stir fry or mixing it with kale, which also combats the flu.

It can be used on the hair, skin, or even as an “intimate lubricant.”

Other flu fighting foods include “smelly vegetables” like broccoli, cabbage, or brussel sprouts – and the stinkier the better.

Reno says the stench indicates that they grew on a plant containing protective chemicals. Once humans consume these natural chemicals, we’re protected too.

For congestion stemming from the flu Reno recommends making tea from oatmeal. For nausea, opt for ginger root.

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