Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fun Is Down In The Dumps

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Dumpster diving just isn’t what it used to be.

Designer Oliver Bishop-Young takes the trash out of dumpsters and turns them into tubs of fun with his Skip Conversions project.

So far, he’s turned dumpsters into a swimming pool, a lovely flower garden, a mini skate ramp, a grassy park, and a comfy lounge area where passersby can relax, hang out, or have an impromptu party in the middle of the day.

Through the trashy project, Bishop-Young hopes to focus on, well, waste.

He wants to raise awareness on the exchange of waste materials, re-use of waste, and making use of wasted spaces while making a person’s day less of a waste of time.

Bishop-Young also hopes to impact environmental change through his trashy recreation spaces.

He encourages people to share their useful garbage and even put signs next to dumpsters listing the items inside that can be re-used by others.

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