Monday, September 28, 2009

Meat, Not Murder

LUND, Sweden (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Animals don’t necessarily have to die for people to sink their teeth into a steak.

The Cocoon Cooker is a controversial, state-of-the-art invention that just won the grand prize at the Electrolux Design Lab Competition in London for its promise to revolutionize the way humans eat.

By placing pre-mixed packets containing animal cells, muscle cells, oxygen, and nutrients into the cooker, meat and fish is grown, cooked, heated, and eaten without ever hurting a single animal.

Designer Rickard Hederstierna says, “This will create 100 percent pure meat without the need for animals to be killed and with no risk of contamination. It will change everything.”

Along with that, Hederstierna believes it could solve food shortages in impoverished countries and make cooking less messy and time-consuming.

He embraces the invention’s controversial nature since many believe he’s playing God with the Cocoon Cooker because in a way, he’s creating animals out of scratch.

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