Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Actor Attempts To Woo Condolezza Rice

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Former Secretary Of State Condolezza Rice is a hard woman to romance.

Just ask Devin Ratray, known for playing bullying brother Buzz in Home Alone, who stars in Courting Condi, a film that follows his attempts to seduce Condolezza Rice, his one true love.

Like a true gentleman, Ratray brought roses to the White House for Condi and serenaded her with love songs from the gates.

Music was his chosen “method of seduction,” since they share a passion for it. She’s classically trained in piano and he plays “five instruments very badly.”

He made Condi “love discs” – or modern mixed tapes – along with sexy pictures of himself in hopes of arousing her.

However, his advances were routinely denied by Rice, who instead sent her agents to his hotel room to make sure he wasn’t a national threat.

Despite the rejection, Ratray still considers himself a “chick magnet.”

He’s also in The Surrogates, in theaters Friday (Sep. 25).

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