Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Man Wins A Million Giraffes In Bet

STAVANGER, Norway (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – After a bet made in a bar, one Norwegian has ended up with tons of giraffes.

While discussing how amazing the Internet is over drinks, Ola Helland made a bet with his best friend that he’d be able to collect one million drawings of giraffes by 2011.

Since then, Helland has amassed 214,000 drawings from people around the world who’ve come across his website and is sure his pal will have to pay up the case of beer they wagered when 2011 comes around.

He says, “After making the site, I went to lunch. When I got back I had 60 giraffes. It really didn’t seem possible at all but if things keep on, I might actually make it.”

Helland is amazed by the creativity from submitters, who’ve sent in hand-stitched giraffes, ones made of papier mache, and others made out of objects like pens, coins, or Scrabble tablets.

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