Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Internet Addicts Get Help

FALL CITY, Wash. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Those who can’t go even an hour without surfing the web can now get the help they need.

The ReStart rehabilitation facility in Fall City, Washington, is the first Internet recovery compound in the U.S. saving people from the clutches of web addiction in a homestyle, computer-free setting.

According to co-founder Cosette Rae, Internet addiction is just as serious as drug dependency because it “devastates marriages, careers, schooling, family life, and health,” and is even the No. 1 public health danger in China and South Korea.

While those countries have developed multiple treatment programs for Internet addicts, America has been slower in recognizing and responding to the need despite the growing number of deaths and ailments resulting from online use.

Rae says it’s their goal to help net fiends detach from their computers and reconnect with the real world through therapy, life skills coaching, and physical and nutritional education among other treatments.

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