Friday, August 14, 2009

Lure Fat Elvis With Food

NEWCASTLE, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The way to Elvis’ heart is still through his stomach.

This Sunday (Aug. 16) marks 32 years since Elvis’ death, but The King could still make a cameo – as long as dinner is on the table.

According to paranormal researcher Dean Maynard, spirits often return to Earth when enticed by something personal, like a favorite food.

That means whipping up Elvis’ faves like “peanut and ’nanner” sandwiches, cornbread, or sweet potatoes could result in a visit from his ghost.

Maynard says even the scent of the icon’s favorite recipes may be enough to warrant an appearance, though if there’s food involved, it may be fat Elvis who’s in the building.

But just because he’s lured by food, doesn’t mean The King will eat.

Maynard isn’t sure if ghosts can chow down, though he has heard of cases where mysterious bites are missing out of sandwiches or crumbs are on the floor after summoning spirits.

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