Friday, August 7, 2009

Loopy Donuts Drive People Nuts

CAMPBELL, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The demented donuts at one unique shop in Campbell, California, really drive people nuts.

Psycho Donut is a shop decorated with loony bin props like a padded cell and seating areas labeled “group therapy” and “shock therapy.”

Employees dressed as nurses serve creative concoctions like the “Bipolar,” a maple cake donut topped with half peanuts and half coconut, the “Massive Head Trauma,” a jelly donut with a face and red filling oozing out the side, and the “Psycho,” a donut featuring lemon marshmallow glaze, chocolate, pretzels, and chili powder.

Owner Jordan Zweigoron created the kooky treats to give tired donuts a jolt and says the sweets literally drive people crazy, as patrons come back time and time again for a fix.

The controversial donut shop also has advocacy groups going nuts, who feel it mocks mental illness.

However, Zweigoron assures it’s all in good fun and notes that at least they got rid of their straight-jackets once used as props.

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