Friday, July 24, 2009

Water Warriors Need Game Plan

JEFFERSON, Md. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Only the strong survive Super Soaker battles.

Ben Trettel, a mechanical engineering student from Maryland, runs, a site dedicated to water guns including how to build them and organize Super Soaker wars.

Trettrel, who’s built several water guns like the “Supercannon II” that shoots up to 73 feet, says water gun battles can be draining.

One must be agile and think fast on their feet to avoid getting shot by opponents.

Depending on the game style, some circles play by the rule of “one drop and you’re out,” so staying alert is crucial.

Trettel suggests wearing swim trunks to battles or bright colors to throw enemies off, and arming yourself with a hose- powered gun, since the pumping kind require far too much energy.

Though he has yet to fight in a truly “epic” water war, Trettel would like to one day rumble on a Civil War re- enactment site.

He says the best places for impromptu water fights are in public parks on a hot summer day.

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