Monday, July 20, 2009

‘Sqrat’ Creator Screwed By Rats

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An artist who created a famous animated rodent is being screwed left and right by rats.

In 1999, Ivy Supersonic created the cartoon character “Sqrat,” a combination of a squirrel and rat, based on a New York urban legend she claims to have actually seen.

She pitched her creation to FOX to no avail, and a few years later the character was stolen by the studio for the movie Ice Age.

Supersonic has been fighting the bigwigs at FOX ever since, spending every dollar she has on 14 different lawyers to rep her case.

FOX refuses to fork over a dime and Supersonic is facing repossession of her belongings, but she’ll keep fighting.

Many of her lawyers have been payed off by FOX to switch sides, and every time Supersonic sees the Ice Age knock- off “Scrat” onscreen, she feels “uncontrollable rage.”

Still, the joke is on FOX, because according to Supersonic, “Scrat” with an “SC” actually means “a chick with a dck.”

She refuses to give up her “Sqrat” trademark until justice is served.

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