Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adam Lambert VS. Kris Allen: Who’d Win In A Fist Fight?

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Tonight (May 20) we find out who wins American Idol, but which of the two finalists would win in a fist fight?

Jake Kalish, author of Santa VS. Satan: The Official Compendium Of Imaginary Fights (Three Rivers), has sized-up a fake fight between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.

Kalish notes that Allen could use his guitar as a weapon and, since he’s a church worship leader, he probably has God in his corner.

However, his mellow attitude could be his downfall.

Kalish explains, “Kris doesn’t have the fury. He’s too laid back for a fight.”

Lambert’s strengths include his high-pitched screech – which he could use to scare or distract Allen – his much bigger frame, and his longer fingernails.

However, Kalish says the rocker’s skinny jeans could be too tight to fight in and his eyeliner may impair his vision in a brawl.

Still, he dubs Lambert the fake fight winner and says Allen would have to knock him out cold to even have a shot.

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