Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bozo Blow-Up Dolls Wage Office War

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There’s nothing funny about a Bozo the Clown blow-up doll.

Just ask New York-based office workers Betsy Todd and Matt Readout, who decided to start a fight with the office building across the way by using a Bozo doll.

For some reason, the office across their window hung up a creepy Bozo doll one day, which really freaked Todd out.

She decided to retaliate by putting up her own Bozo doll along with wacky signs on her window, and the back-and-forth clown exchanges are on

Each time a side fights back, they add another Bozo or prop, and Todd says her enemy once had the nerve to display 13 Bozos all at once.

Partner-in-crime Readout says, “I think using a Bozo doll is the ultimate in warfare because it sends a message. What message? I don’t know.”

Adds Todd, “It’s powerful though.”

Since starting the Bozo war, Todd and Readout have spoken once to their mystery nemesis, a moment they describe as “awkward” and “painful.”

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