Monday, March 30, 2009

Joe The Plumber Flushes The IRS

HOLLAND, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The simple plumber from Ohio who shook things up during the presidential race is now shaking things up for the IRS.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, or Joe the Plumber, gained notoriety during the 2008 presidential race when candidates Barack Obama and John McCain used his words in their debate attacks.

Now, Joe is going after the IRS by putting out a TV commercial and starting a phone, text message, and Internet petition calling for the IRS to be abolished.

Joe got the idea after a friend showed him how the same method works on American Idol.

Joe says, “If people call in to vote for a singer, I think they’d vote to improve their country. The tax code needs to work better for U.S. citizens and not the elite few on Capital Hill.”

He also accuses the IRS of convoluting the tax law so average Americans can’t understand where their money is going, and is doing his part to put an end to it.

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