Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Wrangling Ain’t Easy

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Wrangling a baby is no stroll in the park.

That’s what the stars of the ABC comedy In The Motherhood, which premieres March 26, have learned while filming the parenting sitcom with their onscreen babies.

Funnyman Horatio Sanz, who plays a lovable “manny,” enjoys sharing the screen with his toddler co- stars – as long as someone’s nearby to take them away when needed.

He says, “I get to play with the babies, and then a baby wrangler comes when they start crying or if they poop themselves.”

Even with baby wranglers on set, a few mishaps happen, like when Sanz fell asleep on one of the squishier babies.

But as co-star Cheryl Hines jokingly points out, “Thank goodness they were twins.”

Actress Jessica St. Clair, who’s not a mom in real life, says she has a hard time actually knowing what to do around the little ones.

She explains, “I feel like the only frame of reference I have is, like, ‘Well, I take care of a schnoodle sometimes,’ which is a dog. Everyone’s like, ‘That’s not the same at all.’”

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