Friday, February 27, 2009

‘Curse Of The Leg’ Strikes Again

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Thanks to a evil curse, no one will get a leg up on Dancing With The Stars any time soon.

According to curse expert Miriam Garabrant, the dancing show suffers from the “Curse Of The Leg” – a dark hex left behind by ex-contestant Heather Mills.

Mills cursed the show back in season four because her prosthetic leg wouldn’t allow her to keep up with the other contenders.

Since then, the Curse Of The Leg has claimed many victims, and now it’s striking early.

The show hasn’t even started and contestant Jewel already has tendinitis in her left knee – the same leg that’s fake on Mills’ body.

Garabrant believes it’s only the beginning of the jealous curse and Mills’ ultimate goal is to pick off contestants one by one and get the show canceled.

She says we’ll see more leg injuries than usual this season, particularly in people who are smarter, prettier, and more talented than Mills.

In order to curb the curse, Garabrant suggests producers change the title of the show and switch filming locations.

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