Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Superpowers Better When They’re Useless

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Having a superpower is cool, but having a super useless power gets more laughs.

“Superuseless Superpowers” is a blog that describes and illustrates superpowers that would serve no actual purpose, and would leave any wannabe hero frustrated.

Among the futile powers created by a team of ad men behind the blog are “in-flight flight” – the ability to fly but only within the confines of an airborne aircraft – “lukewarm touch,” and “slumberjack,” which gives a mortal superhuman strength during sleep.

Co-creator Jason Nitti says lame powers beat out real superhero powers – at least in the laughs department – and must truly be pointless to make it onto the blog, which often causes debate amongst readers.

He explains, “There’s no magic formula to coming up with these. But we think, ‘Is this really useless?’ People will write in the comments ways a power could be considered useful though, so it’s debatable. We just think it has to make us laugh.”

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