Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let Michael Phelps Hit The Bong

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There’s nothing wrong with Olympic golden boy Michael Phelps hitting the bong.

Photos of the record-breaking swimmer tokin’ on Mary Jane recently hit the Internet, and Phelps admits to smoking out on occassion.

Despite fan furor, 77-year-old stoner Evan Keliher – who goes by the name “Grandpa Ganja” – says there’s nothing wrong with Phelps getting high on more than just his Olympic wins.

He says, “Those people that are criticizing him are stupid. It’s time people found out that marijuana is not a troublesome substance. It’s like making a fuss over someone drinking a Pepsi cola.”

With critics questioning whether Phelps deserves to keep his gold medals, Keliher – who’s been getting stoned everyday for more than 40 years – assures that sparking up a doobie had no affect on Phelps’ pool performance.

He insists, “Marijuana has zero affect on an athlete’s game, so it shouldn’t be restricted to them. It didn’t make him faster, so why take away his medals? It’s plain silly.”

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