Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Howie Mandel: ‘No Glove, No Love’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Howie Mandel is teaching his college-aged son a valuable life lesson: “No Glove, No Love.”

The Deal Or No Deal host has serious OCD and can’t touch anything questionable without wearing a pair of latex gloves.

His son, Alex Mandel, is used to his dad’s germaphobia and has been dealing with it all his life.

Alex explains, “My dad has given me more gloves than any parent ever should! There are latex gloves all over our house!”

Howie chimes in, “We have family pictures where everyone else looks normal and I’m standing there in latex gloves and a surgical mask. It’s normal to us.”

Besides sanitization, Howie is teaching Alex another trick: How to prank people.

The father-son duo have a new Candid Camera-style prank show called Howie Do It, premiering this Friday (Jan. 9) on NBC.

They throw on disguises and put unsuspecting victims in awkward situations, and Howie couldn’t be more proud of his baby boy.

He gushes, “To watch my son prank a perfect stranger is a beautiful thing.”

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