Friday, October 24, 2008

Newscast Shows ‘President McCain’ Destroying America

HOBOKEN, N.J. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If John McCain becomes president of the United States, expect an Osama Bin Laden reality show.

That’s the dismal future musician David Fagin predicts in his short film, ANN Morning Show, which features a mock cable news cast describing the world in a McCain administration.

Fagin foreshadows a McCain America where Vermont is 90 degrees in the winter, people watch a Bin Laden reality show called Bin Laden Been Lovin’, and citizens are forced to perform their own surgeries by following instructions given to them on a surgical TV channel.

Fagin says, “I thought what the worst things that could happen were and then multiplied it by 10. It’s out there, but is it that far-fetched?”

He believes a “monkey on crystal meth” would be better suited as Commander-in-Chief than a Republican, and thinks anyone who does vote for McCain is “smoking crack.”

Through his video, Fagin hopes to get voters to elect Barack Obama, who he believes will change America for the better.

To watch the flick, go to and enter ANN Morning Show.

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